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Vision, Goals, and Dreams

I am a huge proponent of creating a vision board to propel the dreams you feel in your heart. What is a vision board? A vision board is a visual image of your dreams and desires using a poster board or such and cutting pictures and words out of magazines that resonate with you on a deep level of positive emotion.

I have been creating vision boards for over 20 years. My first impression of a vision board was when I employed in banking and finance and my boss suggested we create a vision board. I compiled my goals for the year on my vision board and hung it in my office. Guess what?? Everything I applied to that board came true within that year. Guess what I did next? Nothing! I didn't even think about creating another vision board until 8 years later when I watched the movie "The Secret". There was a man in the movie who just moved into his dream home. As he was unpacking, he stumbled across a vision board he had previously made. In this box was a picture of his dream home that happened to be the identical home he just moved into.

I have strived to be an optimistic person. “The Secret” gave me so much inspiration. I began to ponder just maybe I have a shot at becoming the person I was meant to be. If you think about it maybe others don't inspire others to live their dreams or life’s purpose. They may in fact speak the opposite. From my experience more people will tell you how to execute the dream and what not to do, as if they know how to pursue YOUR dream better than you. They sense they are saving us from the possible heartaches or disappointments that can come along with pursing your dreams. Statements like "get your head out of the clouds" or don't get your hopes up", as if low hopes are a positive outlook. We begin to think maybe it is not possible, maybe I’m not good enough, maybe this dream is too far out there. Be the person to fill someone’s bucket of dreams. Be the hope dealer instead of the dream stealer.

Bronnie Ware is an author of a book called “Top 5 Regrets of the Dying”. In the book she states the number one regret of the dying; someone getting ready to cross over is that they wished they had the courage to live life the way they were destined to live. They knew they had signed up for something greater than themselves, a purpose.

If you can feel a dream or desire in your heart that stimulates so much emotion; God put it there for a reason and no one can take that away from you. Do you know how many people have been told their ideas were crazy? How many people were told “no” numerous times before they were given a “yes”? There is a game of odds. Just know you are going to be told “no” many more times they you will get a “yes”. The more rejection you receive just puts you closer to the opportunity or “yes” you are looking for. Don’t take it personal. Just say thank you and keep moving forward to your yes. It is the pursuit of happiness, which means you must pursue. PERSERVERANCE.

Now it is time to set INTENTIONS into MOMENTUM. These are the two ingredients you will need to get this dream off the ground. What is intention? Intention is a thing intended, an aim or plan. Momentum is the continued activity that you will need to install for the intention to become your reality. Set intentions for your goals throughout a day. It is more likely to come true when you set an intention. You are sending out the energy or your desire that you wish to return to you. You may have many intentions in different areas of your life; example, Spiritual/God, health/wellness, family/relationships, finance, career. Key point, your goals/dreams must feel authentic to you. This means you must feel it in your heart.

There is a way you can work smarter and not harder. We can achieve this by the feelings that your dreams and desires create. The magic is not in the thinking; it’s in the feeling. You hold so much power by releasing these feelings out into the universe and the "Law of Attraction" ignites its action. Start telling the universe what you want instead of telling it what you don’t want. Your thoughts and feelings create your reality. Reality is different for everyone depending on what thoughts and feelings you feel.

I highly suggest that you write out a detailed story of your intentions achieving your desires in every field you are looking to make a positive difference. Write this story without holding back, including the end results describing all the warm and fuzzy feeling you can muster up. Repeat this story in your mind as you feel all the emotions over and over. The combination of feeling what you want as if it has already come true and momentum are the keys to your success. All this feeling creates momentum in your energy. Give yourself permission to daydream. Get out of your head and get into your heart!

Create monthly goals/momentum to help achieve the intention breaking it down to the weekly actions/goals and then look at your week and plan when you can fit in the action. So many people start and stop their momentum because it feels overwhelming or the goal is too big. The start/stop method does not work. Staying in momentum that is feels manageable for you, even if it is small momentum; it will still happen. When you feel your why so strongly, the how it’s going to happen has a magical way of appearing. This has happened to me numerous times that it has created a faith of knowing inside of me. I do my part with the intention and momentum and because of my past experience I know an opportunity it is on its ways. I am giddy with the knowing and I always give thanks to God.

When a negative thought creeps in, and it will, let it go and connect back to the feeling in your heart. Things will begin to shift. Don’t focus on the how and trust that things will begin to shift, doors will open that you could not even imagine.

Now go inspire, create, dream, and get into momentum!

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